2012 NSLPS Club Competition Evenings

Tuesday, 28th February  –  OPEN    Judge – Barbara Seager

Tuesday, 20th March  – ACTION/OPEN     Judge – David Miller

Tuesday, 17th April   –  OPEN     Judge – Dennis Jones

Tuesday, 15th May  –  CREATIVE/OPEN    Judge – Jim Brownett

Tuesday, 26th June  –  OPEN     Judge – Gail and George Hardy

Tuesday, 24th July  –  NATURE/OPEN     Judge – John Newton

Tuesday, 7th August – The annual 3 way Interclub with Lane Cove and Northside. This year it will be held at our Club, NSLPS.

Tuesday, 21st August  –   OPEN      Judge – Susan Buchanan

Tuesday, 18th September  –  PEOPLE/OPEN     Judge – Pieta Ward

Tuesday, 16th October – OPEN Judge – Alan Coker

Tuesday, 5th November – OPEN Judge – Tony Egan

Saturday, 1st December  – PADOTY  (Print and Digital of the Year)


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