Two Nature Competitions

imageThe Nature Division of the APS has two competitions to announce at short notice. The Trans Tasman Nature competition, to be held in New Zealand, and the 16th FIAP Nature Biennial to be held in Norway.

The closing date for the FIAP Nature Biennial is the 5th January 2012. To download the FIAP Nature Biennial entry form Click Here.

Originally the closing date for the Trans Tasman was the 9th December. This closing date has now been extended to the 5th January 2012. Entrants will be advised by email where possible of the results. To download the Trans Tasman Nature entry form Click Here.

Note for the FIAP Nature Biennial. For this competition we are required to nominate a subject. The subject for this year is macro/close up invertebrates.

Note also that the maximum print size for this competition is 30 X 40 cm. Prints smaller than this will be adhered to a light card 30 X 40 cm.

Acceptances for both of these competitions will be selected by the same panel. Each acceptance will earn the entrant 5 points towards APS honours.

Note that the Trans Tasman 2012 competition is being held in New Zealand and the organisers have requested that the print entries also come with a digital file to enable ease of preparation of the catalogue. Prints sent to Norway will not be returned until about the end of June and catalogues will be mailed from Norway at the end of August.

If entrants are happy to have their Projected Image entries considered for both competitions could they please note on their entry form. Physically a print can only go to one or the other, thus to have prints considered for both we would need to receive a separate print for each competition.

Please visit this the Competitions page of the APS website to download the entry form and information. Click here to go there now.

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