Our members have experience ranging from beginner to professional. We create our images using colour prints, monochrome prints, digital images and slides which can be scanned into digital images. The club is a forum for sharing and expressing our appreciation of photography. Some of our members produce their work using digital cameras, computers and printers. We have our own club computer and film scanner which are available to all our members. We also have our own studio lighting which is used for club organised portraiture We meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month (see syllabus). The first monthly meeting is usually a photography related presentation by a visitor and the second our monthly competition which is evaluated by an accredited judge. Visitors are most welcome to attend on both presentation and competition nights, especially those who are interested in seeing what a photographic club is all about.

We meet at 7:30pm

Kameraigal room



You can find more information about the North Sydney Leagues Club here.

Our Aims

  • To encourage an appreciation of photography.
  • To offer practical assistance to photographers at all levels of ability.
  • To participate in friendly competition aimed at improving photographic skills.
  • To help beginners in their quest for improvement and further knowledge of photography.
  • To foster creativity in photography.
  • To encourage excellence in photography
  • To fulfill these aims membership is open to anyone who wants to share and enjoy their interest in photography

Promotion to A Grade

Sections: Colour prints, Monochrome prints, Projected images

B Graders who would like to be placed in A Grade may apply to the Grading Committee before the first competition of the year. If a B Grader won a section, i.e. came first, they will be automatically promoted to A Grade in the relevant section, but can apply in other sections. A special grading committee will be held before the first competition. If you want to apply for promotion, then you need to do the following: For Colour Print or Monochrome Prints: Supply 6 Colour Prints and/or 6 Monochrome prints. For Projected Image: A gallery has been created – see Grading Gallery Load your 6 digital images into this gallery.

Other Help

Other help can be given by your mentor. (See Ray at one of the meetings who will appoint a mentor for you). Otherwise, if you have anything you wish to discuss, do not hesitate to contact someone on the Committee. (Contact details on the Syllabus & Contacts page)


5 Responses to About NSLPS

  1. Colin Lipworth says:

    This article should be updated to reflect the 7:30 meting time.

  2. stevemul says:

    Thanks for that, Colin. It’s done.


  3. Greg Lake says:

    The site is showing great promise with its information on competitions and members galleries. It would be good if more experienced members could pass on information on how their “Best Photos” were taken and processed, to help others improve their work.

  4. Colin Lipworth says:

    The blurb says we meet on the first and third Tuesdays but some of the meetings are now on other Tuesdays.

  5. Kerry Boytell says:

    Yes it does say that, because for about 20 years our meetings have always been held on those nights, and that is what we expected to get from the leagues club. However when we went to book, we found the new secretary had given away some of our nights without consulting our club first. So unfortunately we have had to take what nights were available. So in Feb, June and July the nights are the 2nd and 4th, and there is a Mon. night in Nov. as that was all there was. Sorry for the confusion, and please check the actual online syllabus before the expected night.

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